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Artist Series - Nick Pourfard

December 06,2021

As part of our Winter 21/22 Snow Artist Series, we’re celebrating the unending connection between skateboarding and snowboarding with Nick Pourfard and Prisma Guitars. After getting injured skateboarding, Nick started experimenting with woodworking in his garage and started making stuff out of the used skate decks. And when he had the idea to use the decks to make a guitar, it took him about six months to make his first. Soon after, Nick launched Prisma Guitars, but he would’ve never guessed what it would turn into. Not only are Prisma Guitars beautiful and eco-friendly, they sound great. 


Nick has spent much of his life skating and snowboarding, so using his art to bring the two together was only natural. “I feel like there is a common consensus between woodworking, snowboarding, skateboarding, playing guitar or any kind of creative thing like that… you’re focused, you have an idea of what you want and you keep trying until you get that.” 


Nick turned that focus into a truly unique design for our bestselling EMB board. For years, we’ve been building the EMB with the skate-inspired snap of our Lock & Load camber and a super-pressable flex. Nick took the skate connection a step further by making a few special boards with top layers made from upcycled skate decks. The custom print we made for the W22 EMB is an exact copy of one of those designs.


“I think it’s really cool that we’re going to be getting all these boards from whoever rode them around the world, cut them up, bring them into a veneer sheet and we’re gonna see more people riding them. Now you’re connecting these two worlds too, which is cool.”


Peep the video to get a behind the scenes look of Nick’s process.

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