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Artist Series - Jeff McMillan

December 09,2021

Jeff McMillan is a master at crafting artistic narratives and murals, so we were pumped to have him tell the story of DC Snow with his unique style. The Long Beach-based artist has worked with some of the biggest brands across the globe and he was a perfect fit for our W21/22 Artist Series. Jeff illustrated an epic narrative celebrating the hectic history of DC Snow on the topsheet of our bestselling PBJ board. It’s irreverent but fun, epic yet playful. If you look closely, you’ll see some past DC board graphics, friends of the brand and even the infamous Mountain Lab. As Jeff put, it’s basically “just debauchery down the mountain… but all funny though.”


The PBJ has been a staple in our line-up since the beginning, and our team riders help fine tune it year after year to make sure it’s the funnest board on the mountain. The true twin is designed to dominate everything from technical street riding to pro-level park features. With the edge control and added pop of traditional camber, combined with the buttery soft flex of our stratus core, the PBJ is ready to play on any terrain.

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