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Push Your Own Story | Andy Howell

October 24,2022

In the latest installment of our Push Your Own Story video series we caught up with world-renowned artist and longtime DC collaborator Andy Howell. A former pro skater, Andy was actually the first artist to have his work showcased on our first snowboard line in 2006. So we were excited to reconnect with Andy to create a custom snowboard for our Winter ‘23 Artist Series. But that’s just the beginning of the story.... Because in 2019, just two months after finishing his snowboard design, Andy’s house burnt down and he lost everything—over 500 pieces of art, 100s of skateboards, 30 years worth of collected works, and most of his personal belongings had literally turned to ashes. But even that was never going to stop Andy. This short film explores the tragedy, the recovery, and how Andy continues to create to this day.


 "Art is not a painting, or a drawing, or a sculpture or any one thing that gets created. It's the way you live your life."
- Andy Howell

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